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October 10, 2014: TechEn introduces its new wearable, wireless fNIRS device today at the fNIRS2014 conference in Montreal. Read more here.

June 10, 2014: TechEn is sponsoring the Year of the Brain forum organized by Medical Development Group. Read about and register for the event here.

April 6, 2014: TechEn is pleased to announce its second sale of the CW6 optical imaging system in China within the past 6 months.

March 9, 2014: The trade journal BioPhotonics spoke to Arthur "Buzz" DiMartinos, president of TechEn, for a recent article about fiber-optic probes.

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What is NIRS?

Near-infrared spectroscopy, or NIRS, is one of the most promising modalities to emerge in recent years. This noninvasive optical technology is helping to advance a range of research and clinical applications: from investigations of language and cognitive development in infants to functional imaging of breast cancer at very early stages, even before the cancer is visible by x-ray. The technology is noninvasive and portable and doesn’t use ionizing radiation, and thus offers a host of advantages over other modalities.

NIRS has attracted the interest of professionals from throughout the biomedical arena, from basic science researchers to child psychologists and breast cancer surgeons. And the list of applications continues to grow.


Our near-infrared spectroscopy systems can help to advance a range of brain and tissue monitoring applications.

Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping

NIRS technology is uniquely positioned to help identify areas of the brain involved in a range of functions.

Breast Imaging

NIRS can measure hemodynamic changes reflecting the metabolic demands of tumors during formation.

Epilepsy Research

When coupled with EEG, near-infrared spectroscopy enables significant insights in the study of epilepsy.

Cognitive Development

NIRS is very attractive to researchers looking to move beyond external measures in studies of cognitive development.



Established in 1983, TechEn has extensive experience across a number of electrical and electronic engineering industries. Since opening our doors, we have completed over 400 engineering projects in all major industries. We have developed electronic components for more than 150 clients throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Our technical team is composed of more than a dozen senior electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, product and electronic systems design specialists, and NASA-qualified technicians. We offer professional and quality electronic manufacturing and design services based on integrity and accountability.


TechEn worked with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the electronic component design and development of a novel, noninvasive optical brain imaging system for the MGH-Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. The program includes high-speed data acquisition of optical signals at up to 100 Hz. The technology developed for this sytem forms the basis of the company's NIRS and CW products.

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